Thursday, February 10, 2022

Review of "The Stars Tell How the Pros Play Football," by Berry Stainback

 Review of

The Stars Tell How the Pros Play Football, by Berry Stainback

Five out of five stars

Great look at how the pros think

 It is a ridiculous cliché that football players are strong, ferocious and unintelligent. Not only do they have to be smart they also have to be able to make reaction decisions in fractions of a second. A player from each position is interviewed. They are:

*) Center
*) Guard
*) Offensive tackle
*) Tight end
*) Wide receiver
*) Quarterback
*) Running back
*) Defensive tackle
*) Defensive end
*) Middle linebacker
*) Outside linebacker
*) Safety
*) Cornerback
*) Punter
*) Place-kicker
*) Kick returner.

Each player then gives a detailed explanation of the keys that they read when the play starts. Those reads must be done very quickly, for being even a half-yard out of position can make the difference between the success or failure of a play. No one can read this book and not appreciate how knowledgeable the star players have to be.

 There is more in-depth knowledge about playing the game of football in this book than many others that claim to reveal the “secrets.” Reading this book will help you understand why a play succeeded or failed the next time you watch a game.

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