Sunday, February 27, 2022

Review of "Green Lantern Annual #6," by Ron Marz et. al.

 Review of

Green Lantern Annual #6, by Ron Marz et. al.

Five out of five stars

Green Lantern “becomes” John Carter of Mars

 I am a fan of both the comic book heroes and the John Carter of Mars stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The stories by Burroughs literally define what pulp fiction is. Carter was a former Confederate officer and when he falls asleep in a mysterious cave he travels by astral projection to Mars, called Barsoom by the natives. While there, he battles weird beasts and wins a princess.

 In this story, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner buys a strange painting at an auction. When he hangs it on the wall in his dwelling, he somehow is drawn into the painting and is now in a strange world much like Barsoom. He still has his power ring, but it does not react in familiar ways. His first action is to rescue the scantily clad Princess Saria Amenthis from mortal danger.

Having a power ring makes Rayner’s adventure unique, yet it is still one from the pulps. Despite the inherent absurdity, it is a fun story. For it is not how the hero gets there that matters, it is what is done during the adventure. It is a fun story, one that can be strongly recommended to those that love the pulp stories.

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