Sunday, February 27, 2022

Review of "Game Theory: A Graphic Guide," by Ivan Pastine, Tuvana Pastine and Tom Humberstone

 Review of

Game Theory: A Graphic Guide, by Ivan Pastine, Tuvana Pastine and Tom Humberstone, ISBN 9781785780820

Five out of five stars

Game theory presented largely without math

Game theory is one of the most practical areas of mathematics. It can be used to model, and many times even predict how human driven activities will play out. Everything from the behavior of economies and markets to social interactions to how business competitors and criminals will act in their own self-interest can be effectively analyzed.

 The scenarios are all very interesting and presented with a minimum of formal mathematics. Most of the formal mathematics is in the form of simple matrices and basic expectation equations. The applications are so wide ranging, most practitioners of economics and other social sciences will find useful information in this book.

 While there is a lot of irrationality in human behavior, there is a lot of underlying and sometimes hidden rationality. The authors pull the rationality out and explain it in clearly understood detail.

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