Thursday, September 30, 2021

Review of "Laugh-In #2, Mod, Mod World," by Roy Doty

 Review of

Laugh-In #2, Mod, Mod World, by Roy Doty

Five out of five stars

Pop culture at it’s finest and most influential

 When the television show Laugh-In started, it was a sensation. Some of the phrases used on that show became instant popular phrases that all people were saying. Statements such as “Sock it to me,” “Here come the judge,” “Very interesting,” and “You bet your sweet bippy” were repeated often and by people in all walks of life. The jokes came fast and furious, with the joke wall being the signature event.

 This book captures the looniness of the show. The puns, the names that would result if two people were to marry or be crossed and the simple silliness are all revisited. It expressed many aspects of the counter-culture active at the time and pushed the lines of censorship with sexual innuendo and expressed a great deal of political satire.

 It was a show for the times, with roots solid in vaudeville and other forms of entertainment. The book reads easy and fast and is also a bit of a history lesson in humor before the censorship of profanity was lifted.

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