Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Review of "Danish Proverbs," compiled by Julie Jensen McDonald

 Review of

Danish Proverbs, compiled by Julie Jensen McDonald ISBN 157216087x

Five out of five stars

Proverbs in the tradition of Hans Christian Andersen

 This collection of short, simple sayings from the Danish culture are generally similar to those in other cultures. The wisdom present in a short sentence is extensive and valuable, worthy of being repeated and being hung on the wall.

 Some examples are:

“Sow little, reap little.
“Speech is oft repented, silence seldom.”
“A meager compromise is better than a fat lawsuit.”

 This is a book that is very appropriate for a coffee table or bathroom, anywhere where one needs a few moments of simple amusement. The contents can be read and reread without boredom or redundancy.

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