Sunday, September 5, 2021

Review of "Dork Tower #18 Understanding Gamers," Dork Storm comics

 Review of

Dork Tower #18 Understanding Gamers, Dork Storm comics

Five out of five stars

Parody of gamers with a lot of truth

 True hard-core gamers form a significant fraction of modern society. The games range from role-playing board games to online with wild graphic action. The desire for more graphics has been one of the driving forces behind the development of even faster and more efficient graphics engines. This new power has led to the development of the new form of challenging entertainment called esports. There are leagues with some professional players.

 This comic drops into the past a bit and lampoons gamers as creatures that find the world outside games to be difficult to cope with. Gamers are portrayed as nerds with limited skills outside gaming, the cliches about such people abound. Yet, it is humorous and all in good fun, most gamers admit their addiction to the challenges of faster and better games with against more skilled competition.

 While overstated most of the time, this is still a reasonably accurate portrayal of the gamers of years ago. When people played for fun and challenges before it became a billion-dollar business with a professional class.

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