Thursday, September 2, 2021

Review of "Flash Gordon: Treachery on Mongo!" by Bill Pearson and Ric Estrada

 Review of

Flash Gordon: Treachery on Mongo! by Bill Pearson and Ric Estrada

Five out of five stars

 The original Flash Gordon of the 1930’s

 Two of my favorite serial comic strips since my youth are Flash Gordon by Alex Raymond and Mandrake the Magician by Lee Falk. Even though they have been modernized, I still enjoy the original creations of the 1930’s. While the storylines are a bit corny to modern readers, they are a look back into the escapist comics of the Great Depression.

 As the title implies, Flash, Zarkov and Dale are on Mongo and are facing threats from the tyrant Ming the Merciless. Once thought dead, Ming still lives and is sending his proxy forces in an attempt to kill Flash. The first threat is from the Lizardmen, the second is from the massive Monolith and the third is the Beastmen.

 The comics provide creative people with a literal canvas to create creatures and situations far removed from reality. Which is the point, especially at a time when a large percentage of the country was destitute. This book of Flash Gordon adventures that mimics the strip of the thirties is both entertaining and was suitably escapist for the times.

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