Sunday, September 12, 2021

Review of "The Frost Haint of ‘Possum Hollow and Other Ozark Tales," by Alan Lance Andersen

 Review of

The Frost Haint of ‘Possum Hollow and Other Ozark Tales, by Alan Lance Andersen

Five out of five stars

Great material for a local liars contest

 These tales are the kind that men with some adult refreshment inside them tell others of things designed to stretch your level of incredulity. More specifically an aged grandfather relating a wild story to enraptured children.

 While some of the stories could be considered on the edge of the “Believe it or not” range, many are far beyond that level. All are legends with their origin in the Ozark mountains and some feature writer Mark Twain and outlaw Jesse James.

 A frost haint is a spectre that causes objects that it breaths on to frost up and freeze. It frightened many people until it met its’ match in Uncle Elmer. His solution was to take a deep breath and blow hard on the frost haint.

 These stories represent some of the best traditions of storytelling in the Ozark mountain region. Andersen has preserved these legends for future generations to snicker at and maybe be a bit scared of.

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