Sunday, August 8, 2021

Review of "Killer Ants," by Nicholas Nirgiotis

 Review of

Killer Ants, by Nicholas Nirgiotis ISBN 9780823420346

Five out of five stars

Five out of five stars

Yes, they really are killers

 There have been several movies where colonies of ants were encountered and led to the deaths of one or more of the players. This is one example of the dangers of nature that are not exaggerated. There are species of ants where even the largest and mightiest of animals cannot stand against them, for they devour everything in their path. Fortunately, when they are on the move, they are easy to avoid, as they generally follow a narrow path and don’t travel very fast.

 The deadliest of ant species are featured in this book. They are the army ants, driver ants, fire ants and bulldog ants. As the final section states, ants are one of nature’s most successful life forms. Where the killers live, they are at the apex of the predator chain, keeping insects and other species they prey on in check.

 Written at the level of the middle school student, this is an excellent book about one of the most fascinating of creatures. In many ways they are a demonstration of the superior nature of the hive society.

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