Sunday, August 8, 2021

Review of "The Jim Wilson Story," by George F. Day

 Review of

The Jim Wilson Story, by George F. Day

Five out of five stars

A short story about survival with assistance

 Jim Wilson was an Iowa boy that joined the military in World War II and served aboard an American bomber that flew over Germany. When the plane was hit and severely damaged, the pilot gave the crew the option of bailing out or staying with the plane until it crash landed. Wilson was one that chose to bail out. He landed in Dutch territory and was hidden by the underground until the Allies retook the part of western Europe where he was hidden. His family had received word that he was missing an action and they did not know he was alive until he was interviewed by a reporter from WHO-TV in Des Moines that was touring the camps interviewing people from Iowa.

 The story is short, but it packs a lot of courage and resolve. Hiding from the Germans was both difficult and hazardous. Death could come at any time for both the members of the underground and the people they were hiding. It is a story with a happy ending, Wilson returned to the United States, resumed his life and did a good deal of work for and with veterans.

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