Monday, August 30, 2021

Review of "Cats, Cats, Cats: A Collection of Great Cat Cartoons," edited by Sam Gross

 Review of

Cats, Cats, Cats: A Collection of Great Cat Cartoons, edited by Sam Gross

Five out of five stars

Human/feline interaction captured in cartoons

 As the “owner” of at least one cat nearly all of my adult life, I appreciate and enjoy the reciprocal ownership relationship. This book of cartoons captures the dual relationship between the two species. Everything from the human with many cats to solitary cats doing unusual things are the topics covered.

 My favorite is on page 99 and has three males and one female at a table, clearly discussing a book manuscript. The woman is saying, “I tell you, the book has everything – sex, history, consciousness, and cats!” In the minds of many, the ingredients of a sure bestseller.

 If you fall anywhere from the deep lover of felines to someone that just likes them on occasion, this is a book that you will find amusing and full of facts about how cats and humans interact.

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