Saturday, August 21, 2021

Review of "The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Volume 1," by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley

 Review of

The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Volume 1, by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley ISBN  1563898705

Five out of five stars

The dark knight works in dark times

 There have been many changes in the United States. It is now ruled as a ruthless dictatorship where dissent is not tolerated. Nearly all of the superheroes have been either captured or controlled, only a few remain free to try to overturn the oppressive social order.

 The story opens with a man battling with primitive tools against a powerful aquatic monster. He is victorious and then is welcomed by Caroline Keene Kelley in a leopard outfit. The man is Professor Palmer, also known as The Atom. He has been held prisoner by the oppressors that used his own technology against him.

 The rescue is a challenging one, some of the heroes have banded together in an attempt to retake the country from the despotic forces now in control. The rescue is being orchestrated by Batman, a.k.a. the Black Knight. Superman is compromised, now essentially an ally of the ruthless leaders that will not hesitate to kill to maintain power.

 While the heroes do make progress, it is a very dark time for the world, for the battle is an uphill one. Although Superman is now aged, so are the other heroes and he is still a formidable opponent. It is clear that the despotic forces cannot be defeated as long as Superman is a viable tool for them to use.

 This story ends on a hero-vs-hero note. The good ones are on an uphill trajectory against the evil ones and those that control them, but the slope is steep with many hazards.

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