Thursday, June 17, 2021

Review of "Classics Illustrated: Kidnapped," by Robert Louis Stevenson

 Review of

Classics Illustrated: Kidnapped, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Five out of five stars

Well done comic expression of a classic adventure story

“Kidnapped” is a story where the main character is the recently orphaned David Balfour. Upon the death of his father, David is surprised to learn that he is in fact a member of a wealthy family. When he travels to meet his relatives, he discovers that his uncle is not highly regarded by the people of the area and his uncle seems determined to kill him.

 When that fails, the uncle does the next best thing and arranges for David to be kidnapped and placed on a ship from which there is no escape. He has many adventures on the ship, including befriending another man where the crew is plotting to kill him. It is two against the rest until the ship runs aground and David makes it to an island. After many adventures, David manages to obtain the assistance of people that can help him and avoids getting involved in conflicts between the different Scottish clans.

 This comic is an excellent primer on what is a complex story. It not only involves the basic act of being taken against his will, but perseverance in the face of adversity until David achieves his rightful property. There is also the complex issues of Scottish clan rivalry, friendships of convenience and necessity and other social issues of the British Empire at the time of publication. Class consciousness is also a fundamental component of the plot. The comic is recommended as a study aid in classes on English literature.

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