Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Review of "Classics Illustrated: Buffalo Bill," Comic Book Version

 Review of

Classics Illustrated: Buffalo Bill, Comic Book Version

Four out of five stars

Interesting and entertaining biography

 It is indeed a stretch to call a biography of William (Buffalo Bill) Cody a classic. Yet, he was one of the most colorful and accomplished men that “tamed” the western United States. Since he was a showman in his later years, it is often difficult to separate what is fact from what is merely hype and legend. For example, there is some debate over whether he did indeed ride for the Pony Express.

 There was no question that Cody was a brave scout for the U. S. Army, often being in the most dangerous of situations. While there was extensive debate over whether he was indeed eligible for the Medal of Honor that we was awarded, the debate was not over his bravery, but the military status of the scouts.

 Even though there is some questionable poetic license taken in this comic regarding the actual accomplishments of Buffalo Bill, it is a fun story to read about one of the largest figures of the old west. His Wild West Show played to international audiences and helped expand the legend beyond what he accomplished, which was a great deal. If you are willing to accept some myth interspersed with the facts, then this is an entertaining story of an amazing man.

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