Sunday, June 20, 2021

Review of "Ash Zero," comic by Event Comics

 Review of

Ash Zero, comic by Event Comics

Five out of five stars

Deep primer on the developing story

 In many ways, the first issue in a comic book series is the most interesting. For it is here that the fundamental context for the character(s) is established. This is why the origin tales for superheroes have been told so many times. This is also why I am always looking for first issues so that I can determine my level of interest in the series.

 This first issue is significantly different, for it has the form of text with minimal images. That is a very good thing, for the background is very complex. It is an apocalyptic tale of the near extermination of humans. Some continue to fight on using simple weapons such as crossbows and guns, yet most of what they do is roam and hide from the oppressors.

 The context is a combination of very high and low technology. The free humans travel on horses, yet when injured they are placed in rejuvenation pods that heal even the most horrific of wounds in a short time. There is an alien presence called Adam, a self-proclaimed savior of Earth. Mention is made of advanced computing technology, but when it is necessary to consult records, the search involves print media.

 With so much complex context to cover, it would have been impossible to do it in a typical comic. Therefore, it was a wise tactic to resort to the text form of the explanations.

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