Sunday, June 27, 2021

Review of "Burke’s Reconciliation With American," by Edmund Burke

 Review of

Burke’s Reconciliation With American, by Edmund Burke

Five out of five stars

A strong voice for compromise in the American struggle for independence

 The American Revolutionary War and the events that led up to the conflict are often depicted as harsh and the war itself inevitable. However, there were strong voices in England at the time that urged reconciliation and compromise. One of the most powerful was that of Edmund Burke, philosopher and member of the English Parliament. In March of 1775, Burke delivered a lengthy speech to the House of Commons where he strongly urged reconciliation with the American Colonies, warning that the current British policies towards the colonies would lead to war. This book is the text of that speech.

 From the text, it is clear that the war for American independence could have been avoided. Burke lays down clearly and precisely that there is legitimacy to the American grievances and that it was in the best interests of Britain to compromise. The factors that led to war were many and complex, yet Burke states them in a succinct and understandable manner. No deep study of that event is complete without reading this speech.

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