Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Review of "The Beatles, featuring Paul McCartney," by Personality Comics

 Review of

The Beatles, featuring Paul McCartney, by Personality Comics

Five out of five stars

Enlightening biography of Sir Paul

 With a productive music career that now exceeds six decades, Paul McCartney is arguably the most prolific musician of all time. His combination of performing and songwriting is astounding, and he is proficient on several instruments, starting with the bass. His life has been one of high achievements, it is clear in retrospect that he was likely held back by his association with the Beatles.

 This comic is an excellent, albeit brief biography of his life to the date of publication in 1991. It covers the early years where he worked at many jobs, his movement into the music, the rapid and amazing success of the Beatles, their breakup and his career after the Beatles split. There will always be debates about who caused the Beatles to break up, the causes and consequences of that split are covered, although not in great depth.

 If you have any interest in the life and career of Paul McCartney, this comic is an excellent and fairly detailed description.

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