Sunday, December 8, 2019

Review of "MythAdventures! Volume 1 Number 3"

Review of

MythAdventures! Volume 1 Number 3

Four out of five stars

 When reading this comic, it is hard to settle into what the major words are that describe it’s structure. It is disjointed and packed with wordplay and puns. The characters dress in medieval garb and use weapons of the time period. There are many times when one of the main characters is called a “pervert,” only to be corrected that the proper term is “pervect.” There is magic across dimensions, a unicorn and a deveel.

Amidst the crossbows, horse carts and castles, there is a desktop computer. Incongruity abounds in this bouncy, unusual story where there rarely seems to be a direction. However, the somewhat random walk of a trip is a fun one through these pages.

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