Saturday, December 7, 2019

Review of "Abigail Adams," by Jane Sutcliffe

Review of

Abigail Adams, by Jane Sutcliffe ISBN 9780760775042

Five out of five stars

 The early first ladies of the United States lived at a time when women had few rights by law and much of what they had was granted to them by their husbands and fathers. Yet, they were generally powerful personalities and Abigail Adams was one of the strongest. She was vocal in pushing her husband John Adams (Second American President) to grant rights to females when the nation was being formed and made her opinions clear to others.

 This book is a brief, yet thorough description of the life of this extraordinary woman. She wrote numerous letters, many of which have been preserved. The wife of an American president and the mother of another, Abigail was a force that did as much as she could to push the nation towards equal rights, not only for white women, but also for the slaves. For she was adamantly opposed to slavery being codified in law.

 Modern women should be taught more about the actions of the early first ladies, for they were strong and active personalities in their own right. They were feminists when it was not in fashion and socially acceptable.

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