Sunday, December 8, 2019

Review of "Cashback," DVD movie

Review of

Cashback, DVD movie

Five out of five stars

 The major premise of this movie is fundamentally something that in other hands would be creepy, but in this case, it is so well done that it leads to a love story. Ben Willis is a student at an art college, and he is involved in a nasty breakup with his girlfriend. This leads to a major bout of insomnia where he does not sleep at all for days. In order to make something positive out of this condition, he takes a night shift job at a local supermarket. His co-workers are a strange lot that engage in many activities in an attempt to alleviate the boredom of working nights.

 Ben discovers that he has a strange power, he is able to freeze time, where every person and object but Ben is locked into position until he restarts the universe by cracking his hands. During the period where time is frozen, Ben can manipulate the objects, moving and adjusting them.

 In one segment, he locks the supermarket in place and then goes down an aisle, disrobing the women and then making detailed sketches of them. He does so in order to capture their beauty and he carefully puts their clothing back in place before he restarts time. In other circumstances, this would be incredibly creepy, but it is so well done that you feel for Ben as he struggles to make something of himself. Ben comes across as being truly interested in the women as an artist and not as a voyeur.

 There is also a bit character named Natalie that fulfills the fantasy of nearly every boy slightly north of 10. For a small amount of money, she will drop her underwear and then lift her skirt in order to give a boy an extended flash.

 There is a happy ending, but it takes some effort and convolutions to get there. The performances of all the characters are superb and complement each other very well. Ben’s best friend is one of the most memorable bad-boy supporting characters of all time. While he may not have any redeeming qualities, he is essential to making the story work.

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