Thursday, December 12, 2019

Review of "Marie Curie," by Laura Hamilton Waxman

Review of

Marie Curie, by Laura Hamilton Waxman ISBN 9780760739105

Five out of five stars

 When I was in elementary school and we were on the science segment, Marie Curie was always referred to as “Madame Curie,” never by her first name. We learned of her scientific accomplishments and how she died an early death, a casualty of her work on the radioactive elements radium and polonium.

 Therefore, it was pleasing to see the title of this book using her given name and that name being used throughout. That is how it should be, for male scientists like Albert Einstein are never called Mr. Einstein. Despite the short length, this book is a fairly complete rendition of Marie Curie’s achievements. She was the winner of two Nobel prizes in the sciences, the first to ever accomplish this feat.

 Marie Curie faced many obstacles in her life, yet she persisted in doing her passion, which was science. She is a superb role model for the modern girl that loves science and this book should be in every elementary school library as well as being regularly assigned reading.

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