Saturday, December 7, 2019

Review of "Mystery at Redtop Hill," by Marjory Schwalje

Review of

Mystery at Redtop Hill, by Marjory Schwalje

Three out of five

 This story contains very little in the area of mystery, yet it does have a strong female character interacting with two boys that do what they can to leave her behind. There are three main characters, Steve, Tod and Nancy, all of which are in their early teens. Steve and Tod try many times to keep Nancy out of their adventures, but she always manages to get involved and in fact helps them in their quests.

 The other main characters are Major Clyde and Mr. Marshall. Major Clyde owns a run-down farm and is friends with the three teens. Mr. Marshall is a man that is interested in buying the farm and wants to turn it into a business that will operate to the detriment of the neighbors. The only real mystery is determining what Mr. Marshall’s true motives are.

 The action moves pretty fast and there are many high quality, colored images. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the way of suspense.

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