Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Review of "Snapshots of History: Cedar Rapids 1849-1999,": published by “The Gazette”

Review of

Snapshots of History: Cedar Rapids 1849-1999, published by “The Gazette” 

Five out of five stars

 As an older lifelong resident of Iowa that has never lived more than ten miles from Cedar Rapids, there are many of the images in this collection that I recognize. Furthermore, I understand many more of the captions associated with images in the book. The movie theaters used to have free movies for children on the day after Thanksgiving, so a group of us always went. My favorite at the time was the World Theater, it always seemed so massive to this young boy. Therefore, the image in this book of the front of what is now a relic brought back some fond memories of watching Three Stooges movies with a bag of popcorn and a soft drink. Back then, you were allowed to bring in your own popcorn, so all each of us needed was two quarters and we were good for snacks and drinks.

 These kinds of memories are what will be triggered when long-term residents look through this book. Nearly all of the businesses and most of the buildings are nothing but memories, things get wore out and must be replaced. This is a book to keep so that you can look through it every few years and smile about the events of your youth.

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