Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Review of "Marvel Magazine Group Bizarre Adventures Number 27"

Review of

Marvel Magazine Group Bizarre Adventures Number 27

Three out of five stars

 The three stories in this collection all feature one of the members of the X-Men superhero group. The first is about Jean Grey, originally Marvel Girl and then Phoenix being mourned by her sister, the second features Iceman at a winter carnival on the campus of Dartmouth College and the third stars Nightcrawler in a teleportation fiasco.

 None of them are really all that engaging on the superhero action front, although the first contains some touching emotional moments of a woman mourning at the grave of her sister. All are in black and white, limiting the quality of the imagery. The one featuring Nightcrawler even has an elderly grandma-type lady on a television screen giving advice to Nightcrawler on how to teleport back to his own time and space from the bizarre place he has ended up. Didn’t work for me.

 I am generally a big fan of the X-Men superhero group, in this instance the word to describe was I experiences was “disappointment.”

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