Sunday, June 30, 2019

Review of "Marvel Star Comics All-Star Collection"

Review of

Marvel Star Comics All-Star Collection, ISBN 9780785142928

Three out of five stars

 The four characters featured in this collection are those that appeal to the younger readers of comic books. They are “Planet Terry,” “Royal Roy,” “Top Dog,” and “Wally the Wizard.” Royal Roy is a clear and blatant copy of the “Richie Rich” character in the Harvey Comics universe. None of them possess superpowers and the main theme of the stories involving Planet Terry and Wally the Wizard is their search for their lost parents.

 Top Dog is an intelligent dog that is the only one that can program the Brainstrain supercomputer. The world is in danger from Mr. Invisible, a man that has the power indicated by his name. There is little violence in any of these stories, the plots are tame and within the bounds of what all parents will allow their ten-year-old to read.

 This is a collection of stories for the child, adults will find the stories fairly dull and uninteresting.

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