Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Review of "Herblock On All Fronts," by Herbert Block

Review of

Herblock On All Fronts, by Herbert Block

Five out of five stars

 Herbert Block was one of the greatest cartoonists and writers of social and political opinion of all time. While he occasionally used text, his post potent weapon was his drawing pencil. His cartoons projected sarcasm, joy, despair and other emotions, all with power behind them.

 The cartoons in this collection date were published in the 1970s, yet most of the topics are still in the news. Government and corporate corruption, greedy corporations interested only in holding and increasing their level of profits, polluters that demand the right to pollute and feckless members of Congress interested only in their re-election to their posts.

This is not an instance of history repeating itself, the problems of the country simply have not fundamentally changed in forty years. “Jobs with pollution and environmental damage” was the mantra that Block complained about, while there has been some improvement in environmental regulations, the recent rollbacks are an indication that we need more Herbert Blocks to visualize the frustrations regarding the direction the country is headed.

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