Sunday, June 16, 2019

Review of "Buchanan’s Gamble," by Jonas Ward

Review of

Buchanan’s Gamble, by Jonas Ward

Four out of five stars

 The story opens with Buchanan in San Francisco checking into a fancy hotel with his friend the prizefighter Coco Bean. They are looking for action in the ring, specifically a bout with Konecke, the toughest man in town. After the fight, Buchanan leaves Coco and travels to Culebra, a town in serious trouble. Buchanan met a woman named Flo Dockerty at the fight and she also ends up in Culebra.

 People are being killed, there is uncertainty over the town bank with the strong hint of corruption. When friends of Buchanan are killed, he takes over the management of a saloon and interjects himself into the affairs of the town. This of course leads to violence, contrary to Buchanan’s peaceable nature.

 While it is entertaining, the story is somewhat predictable. Flo has matrimonial designs on Buchanan and he of course has no interest in her while admitting she is a very attractive woman. There is a tense scene where Buchanan is apparently trapped, but with the aid of Flo and some other allies, he is able to emerge Victorious and maintain his freedom to go where he wants unencumbered. The last two lines are, “But marriage? Never!”

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