Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Review of "Robert B. Parker’s Bull River," by Robert Knott

Review of
Robert B. Parker’s Bull River, by Robert Knott ISBN 9780399165269

Five out of five stars
 Robert B. Parker is best known for his mystery/detective novels, yet many of his fans consider his Cole/Hitch westerns to be their favorite works. In this book, Knott does an excellent job of keeping the classic Parker style and dialog as he describes another adventure of the two soft-spoken yet deadly lawmen. Men of few words but swift and decisive deeds, Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch also exhibit the same relentless pursuit of their cases that is a trademark of Spenser.
 In this story the president of the Comstock bank cleans out the vault at a time when there are massive amounts of cash on hand. This comes shortly after Cole and Hitch have hunted down desperado Alejandro Vasquez and they quickly shift to the new case, only to discover that little is at it seems to be and there is a connection between Alejandro and the bank robbery.
 Taking a wild chance, the two federal lawmen take Alejandro to Mexico in search of the bank robbers. It is a wild adventure, as the federal authorities in Mexico are only interested in padding their own pockets. While the ending is a bit predictable, there is a twist that is pure Parker. It is a great western story, there is regular gunplay, but also a great deal of human interest.

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