Friday, March 1, 2019

Review of "Childcraft: The How and Why Library, Mathemagic," by World Books

Review of
Childcraft: The How and Why Library, Mathemagic, by World Books

Five out of five stars
 This is a math book, but the traditional manner of the presentation of mathematics in the form of equations and rules is not done. Instead, this book contains a series of historical vignettes regarding how many of the modern aspects of mathematics were developed as well as some points of fun mathematics.
 For example, there is the development of the representation of numbers in various cultures, ending with the development of the modern Arabic notation of numbers. There are examples of basic probability and statistics, how the units of measure were developed and modified over time, the development of units of time and why they were necessary and some basic concepts of geometry.
 This is mathematics truly explained at the level of the child in late elementary school. It is easy to understand and stresses the importance of mathematical concepts without burying the reader in equations. There are detailed explanations of how valuable concepts used in daily life were developed to serve humans as they carry out their daily lives.

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