Saturday, March 23, 2019

Review of "Gothika" DVD version

Review of
Gothika DVD version

Five out of five stars
 I am not a fan of horror movies and when I do watch them it is a rare occasion when I give a start response to any scene in them. That was not the case with this one, the combination of the scene, the music and the action executed by the actors had me with a brief shimmer of chill coursing through my body several times.
Halle Berry plays Doctor Miranda Grey, a staff psychiatrist at Woodward Penitentiary for Women. When her husband is brutally murdered with an axe, she is accused of the crime and placed in that very facility as an inmate. The evidence against her is very strong and she is experiencing powerful visions with a great many supernatural components. With help from those forces, she must fight to maintain her sanity and somehow determine who the real criminals are.
 This is a movie where it is impossible to remain dispassionate, there is no humor and all the tense scenes are well acted and structured. If you want the sound effects of a horror movie to rattle your bones, this is the movie for you.

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