Thursday, March 14, 2019

Review of "Pale Kings and Princes," by Robert B. Parker

Review of
Pale Kings and Princes, by Robert B. Parker ISBN 0385295383

Five out of five stars
 This story is based on the scourge of many cities, including those that are smaller, the drug trade. An investigative reporter that was looking into the drug trade in Wheaton, Massachusetts was murdered, and his editor hires Spenser to investigate. Cocaine is the primary drug and it appears that Wheaton is a major hub in the regional drug trade. As is all too common, the local police are unreliable at best and willing to serve as operatives for the drug lords at worst.
 Yet, despite the death and violence associated with the drug trade, this story is more about the human passions of jealousy, hatred, improperly directed sexual drive and revenge for emotional rather than financial wrongs. While that tends to delay Spenser from reaching the proper conclusions earlier, in the end it is necessary for there to be a traditional violent confrontation between Spenser and Hawk on one side and the drug dealer and henchmen on the other. Since so much of the case is based on human passion rather than basic greed, Susan’s advice is more important in this story than in some of the other Spenser stories.
 Spenser solves the case and once again walks away the victor against the dark forces, which take many forms. It is a reminder that even drug dealers and crooked cops are human and subject to the full range of human emotions.

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