Thursday, March 21, 2019

Review of "Eurotrip" DVD version

Review of
Eurotrip DVD version

Four out of five stars
 This movie could be the dictionary example of “modern teen humor” expressed in video form. The premise is that four people (three male, one female) recently graduated from high school embark on a summer trip backpacking across Europe. It starts with a wild alcohol fueled party, with a pair of bare female breasts and one of the males breaking off a long-distance online relationship with a girl in Berlin, Germany. Realizing his mistake, he wants to go there to make amends.
 What is a bit different here is that the four main characters are portrayed as intelligent rather than dummies engaged in the slapstick adventures. One of the males is planning on being a pre-med major when he attends college. The humor is often crude, none worse than when they end up on a nude beach where all present are middle-aged men and they end up chasing the girl. A close second is when two of the males end up in the papal quarters in Vatican City and upset the staid operation of the church.
 A vacation movie containing crude and absurd humor, it will make you laugh and then say, “that was dumb.”

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