Saturday, May 6, 2017

Review of "Star Trek #2 Second Printing Variant Edition Comic Book" by Mike Johnson (Author), Stephen Molnar (Illustrator)

Review of
Star Trek #2 Second Printing Variant Edition Comic Book by Mike Johnson (Author), Stephen Molnar (Illustrator) 

Three out of five stars
 For decades I have been a fan of Star Trek, it is an experience that you can relive by re-watching old shows and movies or wait in anticipation for the next iteration in video or print. However, this is one iteration that I simply did not like, for it is an old story retold using the new occupants of the positions of the main characters.
 The latest personalities to play Captain Kirk, Mister Spock and the others are dealing again with the transformed Gary Mitchell of the early original series episode, “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” They are once again attempting to maroon the increasingly powerful Mitchell on Delta Vega as he reaches the point where he is close to losing all his humanity.
 What I dislike about this story is that it is nothing but a retread, essentially the same story with different actors. With an entire universe to explore and imagine, it seems silly to redo one of the first iterations of one of the most innovative and creative continuing stories.

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