Friday, May 26, 2017

Review of "The Silver Surfer: The Return of the Defenders, part 3"

Review of
The Silver Surfer: The Return of the Defenders, part 3

Five out of five stars
 In the main story, Namor has been captured and is being held in a fortress deep under the Pacific Ocean. His captors are using him to lure the team of Dr. Strange, the intelligent Hulk and the Silver Surfer into a rescue attempt. Their plan is to use the energy expended by these heroes to free an imprisoned evil being, so that it can once again run amok on Earth.
 The original version of the Hulk lost the intelligence of Brice Banner and was a simpleton, speaking in very simple phrases. In this story, the Hulk/Banner is a wisecracking and somewhat obnoxious creature that has retained the mind of Banner. Purists may find this change disconcerting, but it gives the story some genuine charm that the simple-minded Hulk never could. The dialog between the three members of the rescue team is very good.
 Other deviations from the norm occur when Dr. Strange consults a naked female oracle in an attempt to gather information and the form that the released demon takes. He looks like a hotrodding punk character from a fifties movie.
 There are two other short stories in this collection, both are forgettable with dialog and storyline that are extremely weak when compared to the main event.

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