Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review of "Avengers #10 Vol 3" Comics – 1998

Review of
Avengers #10 Vol 3 Comics – 1998 

Five out of five stars
 This comic will appeal to all with an interest in the Avengers superhero group as well as anyone interested in the history of Marvel Comics in general and the story of the Avengers in particular. Unlike most other teams in the world of comic books, the membership of the Avengers has dramatically changed over time. Most of the Marvel heroes have been a member for at least a short time, as is pointed out in the story, Daredevil is one of the few that has never been in the group. Only longtime fans will know that the Hulk was a founding member of the Avengers.
 One of the most attractive forms of stories are the origins, where the reader learns the circumstances that led to the creation of a hero. A subplot of this story features the origin of the Scarlet Witch. Given the rotating membership rolls, the Avengers is a group that has produced more history than nearly all others. Some of that history is restated in one of the most interesting recapitulations.

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