Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Review of "Ghosts of Johnson County," by Lori Erickson

Review of
Ghosts of Johnson County, by Lori Erickson

Four out of five stars
 The ghost stories in this collection involve tales from Johnson County, Iowa and in that sense they are unique. However, in terms of content, they are not. They are all typical of such stories of house and place hauntings, involving spirits of deceased people that for whatever reason feel the need to continue to inhabit the world of the living.
 People familiar with the area will recognize many of the locations, which always increases the level of interest. Johnson County is the location of the University of Iowa, and some of the stories are based there. Especially amusing is the story about the early days of the medical school, when grave robbing was essential in order to acquire a sufficient number of cadavers for dissection training.
 The stories here are all short and involve the more peaceful and sometimes useful spirits of the dead. They are amusing, even though similar stories have appeared in many other publications.

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