Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review of "Iron Man 300 Appetite for Destruction," comic book

Review of
Iron Man 300 Appetite for Destruction, comic book

Five out of five stars
 Tony Stark is in a coma and the extremely powerful robot Ultimo is on a rampage, heading for a major city. Fighter planes and ground units of the national guard are giving it all they have, but are unable to even slow the robot down. Emergency evacuations of the city in the path of the monster are taking place, but it is unlikely that all of the people will be out in time.
 In these desperate circumstances, a plan is developed where a group of people don the old Iron Man suits and together take on Ultimo. It is a plan with many potential problems, for the old suits have not been completely maintained.
 The battle then takes two tracks, the people in the Iron Man suits go against Ultimo while Veronica tries to bring Tony Stark back to consciousness. It is a great story of courage and perseverance and the suppression of old issues at a point of extreme crisis. It is worthy of a 64-page celebration. 

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