Sunday, July 17, 2016

Review of "Star Trek Archives Volume 5: The Best of Captain Kirk" by Peter David

Review of

Star Trek Archives Volume 5: The Best of Captain Kirk by Peter David ISBN 9781600105715

Five out of five stars

 This graphic novel contains one of the most popular Star Trek stories, “The Trial of Captain Kirk.” Two powerful species, the Klingons and the Nasguls, are determined to get even with James Kirk over past events where he bested them. If they can keep from arguing among themselves long enough to agree to have Kirk brought before a tribunal.
 After a tussle with the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, a creature called “Sweeney,” Captain Kirk volunteers to come and face the tribunal. Once again he is ably defended by Samuel T. Cogsley, this time with his assistant and wife, the former Areel Shaw. The trial brings up the events of several episodes of the orginal series and there are several subplots that meander a bit, but not too far away from the tribulations of James Tiberius Kirk.
 The story is Star Trek at its best, especially when Kirk opens up about what it means to command a star ship. His description of why a captain needs to be arrogant in the vastness of space is something that makes Kirk a much more attractive character.
This story appeared in a comic book series, the coloration here is far superior to what was in the book. It is a great story and in true Captain Kirk fashion, ends with the galaxy once again being saved.

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