Sunday, July 24, 2016

Review of "Catastrophe: The End of Cinema?" by David Annan

Review of

Catastrophe: The End of Cinema? by David Annan ISBN 0-517-524201

Four out of five stars

 Since the birth of cinema, the disaster has been a staple of the movies, people love the tension generated by watching people struggling to survive when things go horribly wrong. From science fiction to natural disasters to plagues, we love to watch simulated traumatic events.
 This book is essentially a large collection of stills with some photos of posters from movies that are embedded within a small amount of explanatory text. The term catastrophe is subject to a significant amount of poetic license here. For example, it is hard to see how the “Batman” movie starring Adam West and Burt Ward could be considered a disaster film.
 There is also a bit of sexploitation in the book. Stills of Linda Lovelace from “Deep Throat” and Marilyn Chambers in “Beyond the Green Door” are present, adding a bit of nudity from porn movies that were hardly in the catastrophe genre.
 Fundamentally, this is a book of stills from movies, designed for the individual that generally just wants to look at pictures. What I liked about it was that it reminded me of some of the movies I watched in the “Creature Feature” that came on at 10:30 Saturday evenings when I was a teenager.

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