Sunday, July 17, 2016

Review of "The Pan Book of Limericks," edited by Louis Untermeyer

Review of

The Pan Book of Limericks, edited by Louis Untermeyer

Five out of five stars

 The origin of the limerick form of verse is unclear, but there is no doubt regarding the joy that they can bring. Although there is a set structure in both the number of lines and the rhyming sequence, many authors feel free to alter this to suit their purpose. Most people associate limericks with sexual content, but in fact they are most often an expression of word play.
 This book starts with a brief history of what is known about the origins of the limerick form, like most literary forms, there is no specific point where the limerick first appeared. After this, the content is a set of limericks with many associated illustrations. Few are what even the prude will consider “dirty,” and the terms used are very tame.
 A collection of short segments of verse that the limerick lover will enjoy, it is a fun book to read. Ideal for reading in short spurts of time when you want your mind to remain active.

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