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Contents of Volume 2, "Journal of Recreational Mathematics"

Contents of Volume 2, Journal of Recreational Mathematics

Number 1

“Polyhedra Enumeration,” by John McClellan
“The Mathematics of Map Coloring,” by H. S. M. Coxeter
“An Annotated List of Recreational Mathematics Books,” by Underwood Dudley
“Dee-Dee Consecutives,” by J. A. Lindon
“A New Proof that 2 = 1,” by B. L. Schwartz
Solutions to Problems
“Hybrid Flexahedrons,” by Douglas A. Engel
“Mathematical Elixir (Limerick),” by John McClellan
Elementary Section

  “Primes with 100 or More Digits,” by Rudolf Ondrejka

  “Integers Equal to N^2 + M^3,” by Charles W. Trigg
  Mathematical Browsing
  “The Mayblox Problem,” by Margaret A. Farrell
  “Dots and Squares,” by Ernest R. Ranucci
  “The Section Called Golden,” by Maxey Brooke


Number 2

“The Game of Sim,” by Gustavus J. Simmons
“MacMahon’s Three-Color Squares,” by Wade E. Philpott
“Finiteness of a Set of Self-Generating Integers,” by B. L. Schwartz
Book Reviews
“Pierre de Fermat’s Truly Marvelous Proof -  An Imaginary Reconstruction for the Even
  Powers,” by Peter Hugh DeVries
Letters to the Editor
Rate Your Wits
“An Unusual Integer,” by Norris Goodwin
“Twin Prime Curiosities,” by Leslie E. Card
Solutions to Rate Your Wits
“Number Shifts (Squares),” by J. A. Lindon
Elementary Section
  “Sums of Squares,” by Edward McArdle
  “How to Get Something for Nothing,” by Douglas A. Engel
  “Abbreviated Dates,” by Sidney Kravitz
  “More Patterns in Primes,” by Leslie E. Card
  “A Close Look at 37,” by Charles W. Trigg

Number 3

“A Geometrical Curiosity,” by Leon Bankoff
“The Gamow-Stern Elevator Problem,” by Donald E. Knuth
“Proof That Every Integer in the Infinite Series Beginning 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, . . . has an Irrational Square Root,” by Peter Hugh DeVries
“Peculiar Properties of Repunits,” by Samuel Yates
“Integer Oddities,” by J. A. H. Hunter
“Prime Eights,” by A. R. Legard
“Prime Sums of Primes with Distinct Digits,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Inverting Coin Triangles,” by Charles W. Trigg
Book Review
Letters to the Editor
Solutions to Problems
“More on Automorphic Numbers,” by R. A. Fairbairn
Elementary Section
  “Construction of Odd-Order Diabolic Magic Squares,” by J. A. H. Hunter
  “Assembling Two Polygons Into One,” by Harry Lindgren
  “Pentominoes – Some Solved and Unsolved Problems,” by Joseph S. Madachy
  “Solving Instant Insanity,” by Robert E. Levin

Number 4

“Primes Ending in Three Like Digits,” by Leslie E. Card
“Arrows and Circuits,” by Brian R. Barwell
“Squares Ending With 0987654321,” by J. A. H. Hunter
“Bourbaki in Reverse,” by Blanche Descartes
“ An Observation Concerning the Decimal Periods of Prime Reciprocals,” by E. V. Krishnamurthy
“12 to 16 Primes in Arithmetical Progression,” by Edgar Karst
“Polyiamonds,” by Ir. P. J. Torbijn
Solutions to the Problems
Letters to the Editor
Book Reviews
Rate Your Wits!
Late Solutions
“The End of Three Squares,” by J. A. H. Hunter
“Integer Oddities,” by J. A. H. Hunter
“Integer Oddities,” by J. A. H. Hunter
“The Sums of Third Order Anti-Magic Squares,” by Charles W. Trigg
“e^π or π^e?” by Arnold A. Allen

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