Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review of "Stan Lee: How To Write Comics," by Stan Lee

Review of

Stan Lee: How To Write Comics, by Stan Lee ISBN 9780823000845

Five out of five stars

 Whether you are “just” a fan, possess a deep desire to write comics, or are a veteran of the business, you will find this book entertaining and educational. Stan Lee is of course an icon in the creation of characters and production of comic books. He is likely the most prolific in the creation of characters as well as the writing of the stories.
 It is stated on the back cover that the information is “... from the man who knows it all!” In nearly all cases when this appears, this is unsubstantiated hype, but in the case of Stan Lee, it is true. His experience, talent and knowledge are all put forward for the reader to gain value from, and he does not hesitate to include material written by others when he feels there needs to be an additional perspective.
 I personally fall into the category of being just a fan, I have no artistic talent at all and struggle to draw a credible stick figure. Yet, I am capable of appreciating quality art work and as a writer, quality storytelling. Both are in abundance in this book, in this case the story is about the creation of stories.

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