Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Review of "Thank You Card Nero Biagi Butterfly Designs"

Review of
Thank You Card Nero Biagi Butterfly Designs 

Five out of five stars
 This set of 36 Thank You cards, 12 each of the three designs featuring a butterfly, are simply stated. Nothing fancy, just the word “Thanks” on the front. Butterflies are a symbol of tenderness understood by all people, making them an excellent image to convey a polite, yet sincere “Thank You.” Envelopes are included in the package, so all you need to do is write your message, address the envelope, attach the proper postage and drop it in the mailbox.
 With 36 cards in the package, there are enough to handle all but the largest of guest lists. There are times when going simple is the best approach, these cards allow for you to do just that. 

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