Saturday, January 20, 2018

Review of "Emergency Lights for Vehicles, UNKNOK 3 Pack Rechargeable Road Flares"

Review of
Emergency Lights for Vehicles, UNKNOK 3 Pack Rechargeable Road Flares

Five out of five stars
 This set of three rechargeable emergency road “flares” are a safe alternative to the type that burn. They are rugged, made of heavy plastic bumpers protecting the inner light. The device is circular, 4.5 inches in diameter to the edges of the bumpers and 3.75 inches in diameter to the edges of the light. It is approximately 1.75 inches high.
 The circular base makes it very stable when set down, it will not easily be moved and can be placed on very uneven surfaces. For example, one of the devices could safely be placed on the hood or trunk of a car. One of the bumpers also has a loop, so with a string, it could be suspended from a bumper. There is also a magnetic base, so it can be placed on any steel surface, even when it is vertical.
The light emitted is orange and there are eight different patterns, from solid light to several modes of flashing. The batteries are rechargeable and are expected to last for 5-30 hours, depending on the power consumption of the selected mode. Recharging cords are included in the package, both for the cigarette lighter of a car and a standard household outlet. I did not run one out of power to test the duration of activity or the length of time need to recharge.
 The light is visible for a distance that one would consider safe on a roadway. The fact that the device can be placed on a vehicle will extend the safety range. This is a solid product that will increase the safety margin for all people facing potential vehicular failure.

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