Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Review of Heytech Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner

Review of
Heytech Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner

Five out of five stars
 Given the minimalist actions of this object, it is easy to review, but hard to justify five stars. Yet, it is patently unfair to give it any less, for it does exactly what it should do. It provides four spinners, one in the center and one on each end of an equilateral triangle. Of course, the outer three are topologically equivalent, so there are only two spin operations that can be performed.
 If you are into having something in your hand that you can move about and transfer your need to fidget into an object, this spinner will do exactly that. The inner axis is nearly free of friction, as if you spin the device, it will move for a long time before it finally stops.

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