Sunday, January 21, 2018

Review of "Get It Done: 4 Simple Strategies to Stop Procrastinating and get the Right Things Done," by Joel Gardner

Review of
Get It Done: 4 Simple Strategies to Stop Procrastinating and get the Right Things Done, by Joel Gardner ISBN 9781973335214

Four out of five stars
 This is a book that is loaded with good advice, yet none is original or imaginative. The premises are those of the modern worker, your being faced with a high level of work that needs to be done, yet not enough time to do it. Furthermore, there always appears to be an unlimited supply of potential distractors that will pop up and destroy your necessary focus.
 The author is sensible in constantly stating that the tactics he puts forward are simple in principle, although not necessarily simple in practice. For example, if you are attempting to work and someone chooses to constantly interrupt you. The simple solution is to tell them to leave you alone, making your requests increasingly forceful if they do not respond in the appropriate way. However, it not easy to do if the person is your superior.  
 Another simple to state, hard to practice tactic is the overcoming of fear, especially when starting on a new project or being transferred to a new team. As many of the recent revelations of sexual harassment have demonstrated, being fearful is in many cases not unwarranted, making personal courage essential.  
 This is in many ways a self-help book in both tone and content. If you need something to rev your performance jets, then you will find this book worthy. However, you will not find it deep.

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