Friday, January 12, 2018

Review of "Bolt: The Hangtown Harlots," by Cort Martin

Review of
Bolt: The Hangtown Harlots, by Cort Martin ISBN 0821712748

Five out of five stars
 This very modern western novel has the love scenes described in explicit detail, including the language used. Bolt is a hero-like character that is like his namesake if the “l” in his name was replaced by an “n” and the “t” by a “d.” He beds different women on a regular basis, even the most properly dressed and reserved quickly fall for his charms and into their beds with him on top of them.
 Bolt and his sidekick Tom have received a message from Jenny about the girls in her dance hall/saloon/bordello being killed in a mysterious way. During the last dance of the night, the women are being stabbed and killed with no person being near them. The knives are found in their backs.
 Despite his many sexual adventures, Bolt manages to work through the clues, survive attempts to kill him and solve the mystery. There is gunplay, a usual cast of hardcases found in a western and a murder mystery that combine to make a western that I found enjoyable. It is a subject matter than I rarely explore.

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