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Review of Instaread Summary of "Disrupted My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble" by Dan Lyons

Review of

Instaread Summary of Disrupted My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble by Dan Lyons 

Five out of five stars

 Before I write my evaluation, I need to mention that I worked for a start-up company for approximately four years, experiencing the hype, dreams and harsh realities of trying to make a product from scratch that will make a great deal of money. My official title was “Research Scientist” and most of what I did was massage and mine data. My departure was a mutual decision after I openly questioned whether the company could survive. It did, but only by completely changing the product and being purchased.
 Lyons is an older worker that joined the start-up Hubspot as a writer. He had problems with the management and other co-workers and spends some time discussing his desire for a full-time job with benefits in order to support his family. When reading this summary, I had a difficult time generating any sympathy for what I viewed at times as his whining. The start-up environment is fierce, nothing I read about his experiences were all that out of the ordinary in the start-up culture. If you want a secure job with benefits, a start-up is not the environment you should be in
 Lyons also complains about being stuck in the growing gig economy, where vast numbers of people work on a contract basis in order to complete a specific task before moving on. This is an economic megatrend and complaining about it is a waste of energy. I have no desire to read a book by somebody complaining about this.
 The best description of Lyons work is encapsulated in this quote from the summary “Most of his narrative is cynical and personal, and is related in a casual style. The language used throughout the book can be crude, involving insult humor, curse words, and jokes about sex and bodily functions.” It is made clear that the dysfunction between Lyons and his co-workers is mutual. Lawyers were involved in the writing of the book, a demonstration of the acrimony.
 I enjoyed this summary very much, it convinced me that I have no interest in reading the book. 

This book was made available for free for review purposes. 

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