Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Review of "Family of Distorted Minds: A True Story," by Deborah J. Rose

Review of

Family of Distorted Minds: A True Story, by Deborah J. Rose, ISBN 978-0997526707

Three out of five stars

 This book is very difficult to evaluate. According to the cover, it is a true story but it reads like a work of fiction. I am very well aware that cycles of abuse and madness exist down through the generations in families and that breaking out of that pattern can be very difficult. Yet, there are aspects of the story that seem farfetched, even if you apply the “truth is often stranger than fiction” principle.
 The primary aspect that makes it read like fiction is the precision of the dialogue. Conversations and events are related that happened decades earlier, yet in such precise detail that all could have happened hours earlier. Conversations between people such as her mother and others that happened when she was very young or not present are part of the story.
 Overall, the story is difficult to read, because truth or fiction, the main character lived a life of abuse that could have been alleviated had some of the professionals done more to aid her. While some of her non-abusive family did things to help her, there was certainly more that could have been done without great cost to themselves. There are times when kind words are very powerful and life-altering. It is a very sad story, imagination is needed to extract anything in the way of a warm fuzzy. 

This book was made available for free for review purposes.

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