Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review of "Gramma Darling," by Lissa Schroeder

Review of

Gramma Darling, by Lissa Schroeder ISBN 9781478757900

Five out of five stars

 This true story about a loving grandmother is heartwarming and an ideal to strive for. The grandmother of three children would put her arms out when the children were first learning to walk and say, “Come to gramma darling.” This became her call sign and the children spend a lot of time with her, on weekends and for extended periods during the summer.
 They did many things, from working in the garden to exploring to playing games to eating gramma’s delicious kitchen products. It was very much an idyllic childhood, full of fun, love and a sense of belonging. Gramma had been a waitress for 50 years and rather than emerge cynical about dealing with people, she kept a sunny and optimistic disposition.
 The illustrations are very detailed and lifelike, the flesh tones are natural, with shadowing that conforms to the proper direction of the light. This is a book that will light a gentle and satisfying fire in readers of all ages. 

This book was made available for free for review purposes.

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